LCSH utilizes volunteers in all forms. Being a non-profit, we depend on volunteers to help us meet the needs of those affected in our community! We work with licensed counselors and medical professionals to help with immediate and ongoing needs. We also like to utilize volunteers for general life skills and social interaction within the shelter. This could be bringing dinner, spending time, helping organize, or teaching classes that will give our victims skills to help them better themselves. We also use volunteers for a lot of our maintenance needs - if you have a skill or trade and would be willing to help us maintain our property / equipment - we would greatly appreciate you reaching out!

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

How You Can Help:

As a non-profit, mission focused operation - we depend on the community to help us meet the needs of those we serve. We would love to partner with you or your organization to become a monthly contributor to some of these needs. Please reach out if you would like to help with any of the needs listed - or needs not listed.

Be Apart Of Our Good Samariton Program

Or if you'd like to contribute financially - our monthly program is called The Good Samaritan Program. We believe that anyone can be a hero just by helping - even in small ways. Every financial donation is used to improve services and meet the needs of our clients.


Our HELPLINE is available
Call 501-941-HELP