Help Services

24 Hour Hotline (501)941-HELP (4357)

We operate a 24-hour, 365 days a year crisis hotline. Through this hotline, Advocates respond to the needs of community members, whether it is a victim needing safe shelter or just advice.

Emergency Shelter

We operate a 16 bed emergency shelter for those affected by domestic violence. While the individuals and families are at the shelter, all of their basic needs are met. They also receive one-on-one crisis intervention and case management from advocates as well as counseling from a licensed counselor if they wish.

Victim Advocacy

Advocates work with victims to help them regain their independence. This takes on many different forms, but often includes assistance with filing legal paperwork, obtaining necessary social services, becoming job ready and looking for jobs, other life skills, and medical advocacy.

LCSH also has volunteers and contacts that are Court Advocates to be present at Lonoke County's domestic court twice a month, to be a support to victims during proceedings.

Support Groups

We offer support groups to both women and children who are staying in the shelter, as well as women from the community that have experienced domestic abuse and would benefit from meeting with other women. The goal of these support groups is to teach the participants dynamics of domestic violence, tools for staying safe in a relationship, how to regain self-esteem, and emotional intelligence.

Community / School Education and Awareness

LCSH is involved with the community through civic organizations, church groups, community groups, and the schools to educate and inform on the effects of domestic violence. We do this through speaking engagements, projects, and unique fundraisers in the community. Student education has also been a platform for LCSH. We believe that we can impact the domestic violence statistics by impacting the youth. We are continually in the schools giving messages on healthy and unhealthy relationships and broadening the students' minds of what domestic and dating violence actually are.

Our HELPLINE is available
Call 501-941-HELP